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Rick many Barbie dolls. He from Germany. collection is very big. There 6,000 Barbie dolls in his collection. man has a favorite doll. It’s his first Barbie. It’s old, he it in 1984. Rick’s hobby is expensive because Barbies cost money. The expensive Barbie is $3,600. He going to stop and planning to buy more dolls in the future.

Where is Rick from?

What’s the future of nature? It’s a difficult question. Scientists the number of people be more than 9 billion 2050. How we going to give them energy and clean water? According to a famous doctor, the future’s not that . If we agriculture using new forms of energy, it the planet seriously. When something is cheap or free – like energy – it loses its . In the future, people will to learn how to value and pay for these benefits.

The future of the planet will be:

A chihuahua named Honey is a tiny dog. Chihuahuas don’t to be strong. However, it’s not about Honey. Her owner, Jenna, attacked a much bigger pit bull. Honey her and managed to get the dog away from the poor girl. The pit bull the girl so badly that she needed hours of operations to repair her lower . Fortunately, Jenna recovered and feels better now.

What part of Jenna’s body was injured most?

In 1986, Jason White walked into the woods in Vermont. He stayed there for almost three decades all alone, living nearly without human contact and from nearby camps. He a large camp about twenty miles north of Montpelier in order to the brutal winters. He covered his tent with a cow’s skin and it by camouflage garbage cans to hide it. Police caught and arrested him at the Pine Tree Camp where he been stealing food. Jason told the officers that he had with only one person during 27 years in the forest. The last major event he happening was the Chernobyl accident in 1986, so that was probably why he went into the woods. the end he charged with one count of burglary so far.

What was the probable reason why he abandoned his normal life?

Every year in Japan tends to have an animal symbol. The sheep led the year 2003 and the monkey had an to represent the year 2004. Another tradition the Japanese following for ages is cleaning their houses in December. Two former window cleaners from Tokyo knew that and last December an odd idea came to their minds. They came to an to dress up as animal totems. They cleaned the windows of Tokyo hotel 50 meters above the ground swinging back and . hotel guests were knocked down a feather. If their boss found out about the prank, they have been former employees.

What does ‘knock down with a feather’ mean?

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